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Consider this your go-to home for what you need to know about landing and thriving in your dream job mindfully. Featuring the latest, most effective information on how to implement very specific tactics and actions within these arenas.

I add to this resource page frequently, and it features my original writings, links to my success guides, research as well valuable information I review and summarize (and link to) from other coaches, teachers, researchers and thought leaders. Let the search bar help you locate the resource you need.

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Your Mindful DREAM JOB

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Resume Reglow: The 7 Principles You Need To Know For A Powerful, 2023 Dream-Job Resume. Digital success guide with 4 BIG BONUSES so you can refine your dream-job resume.

How To Land Your Dream Job Mindfully: Transform Your Career With Calm, Joy & Intention. Digital flip book and success guide to help you develop a mindful mindset to land your dream job with calm, ease and effectiveness.

The 7-Step Love Monday Method: FREE Roadmap so you know exactly what steps to take in exactly what order to ensure a smooth and successful job search or career change.

How Embracing Intentionality Can Boost Your Life and Work Happiness

The Two Most Powerful Ways To
Banish The Monday Blues Forever

Daily Boosters Help You Reimagine Your Work and Life

The Myths You Tell Yourself Can Limit Your Success

How To Boost Your Career Change With

Is Your DIY Spirit Getting In The Way Of Landing The Job You Really Want?

New College Grad? The #1 Way To Launch Your Next Bold Phase

Your Mindful DREAM LIFE


Living Mindfully Is Life Changing. Here's How To Do It.

How To Write A Powerful
Personal Mission Statement (And Why You Need To)

Mindfulness Is, How to Ease Into It And Why You Should

How To Boost Your Mood And Your Career With
Gratitude Journaling

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