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Is Your DIY Spirit Getting In The Way Of Landing The Job You Really Want?

Do you pride yourself on your DIY attitude and love tackling projects yourself rather than hiring a pro?

That’s definitely me with a lot of things — naturally, not always with spectacular outcomes. For example:

  • Coloring my hair. Much to the chagrin of my hair and despite the well-deserved eye rolls of professional hair stylists, coloring my hair been a hobby for 25+ years. I figure if it doesn’t turn out great (like the time it turned green, e.g.), I’ve spent about $10 versus $150.

  • Building my website. I’d micromanage a designer to the bitter end so let’s just save us all from that agony! Plus, I really enjoy web design, and again, if I don’t like how it turns out, I know who to blame.

  • Cleaning my home. I’m not that fussy.

You get the picture. If it’s an activity I feel I have some level of skill at, I tackle it, and save my resources for the things I have zero chance of doing well. These activities would include most home repair projects, learning new things from teachers who know a lot more than I do on a topic, and traveling long distances — I’m leaving it in the capable hands of those with experience, expertise and the equipment in place to get ‘er done.

Each of us has a different list of things we’ll tackle ourselves. For me, if it’s a task that would take me too long, that I have no aptitude for, or that I attempt but repeatedly encounter roadblocks, then I know it’s time to call in a pro.

Some things are kind of murky though.

Why Some See Job Hunting As A DIY Effort & Why It Can Flop

Take finding a new job.

As a mindful career and life coach, I encounter all kinds of professionals who want help finding jobs, changing careers, writing a resume or shifting their mindset. They’re aware that launching a new career is a process with a lot of steps involved. They find a great coach who can help them craft a plan that takes them from where they are now to where they want to be.

There are others, however, who prefer to tackle the entire task themselves. A few find solid success. Many find limited success, and most talk themselves into staying put because what they try fails and they fee