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you're clear on your dream job & need support landing it


When you've been making all the right moves in your job search, but some aspect of it isn't flowing, don't panic!

precision career coaching can make all the difference. It zeroes in on your specific challenge(s) and address them quickly and powerfully. 

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for example:

If you’re not landing interviews, your resume needs tweaking.

If you're feeling a mismatch with the positions you're interviewing for, your personal brand may need refining.


If you are landing interviews but not getting offers, your interviewing skills need polishing.

If you are mass applying to a variety of open positions and hearing crickets, your job search approach needs a fresh strategy.

1, 3 or 6 sessions may be all you need, depending on your specific goals and challenges. You determine the pacing.

  • Pursue jobs that are an excellent fit for you.

  • Nail job interviews and follow up effectively. 

  • Make a stellar first impression in terms of body language, presence, appearance, posture, energy and more.

  • Network authentically and in a way that broadens your professional network so your contacts help you succeed in your career.

  • Refine and communicate your personal brand to ensure you stand out.

  • Strengthen your hard or soft skills to increase your opportunities.

  • Reduce your stress, anxiety or nervousness about any aspect of the job search process and boost your focus, enthusiasm and creativity.

  • Navigate your first 90 days on the job so you start your new job or career in the right way.

precision coaching EMPOWERS YOU TO


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A free 30-minute session designed to discuss exactly where you are in your job search or career change. You will gain powerful insights on what’s holding you back and how to address them.


You’ll learn about me, I’ll learn about you, and we’ll see if we’re a great fit to move forward on a deeper level to navigate your Dream-Job Search or Career Change successfully. Book your Illume session today. 

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