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love monday MASTERY

you need a proven process to discover, prepare for, land & thrive in your dream job

YOUR CAREER transformation

Fragile Pampas


You deserve to have THE dream job that will allow you to use the skills you love in an atmosphere that will appreciate you and your ideas and allow you to thrive.

Enter The Love Monday Method!

Developed by Trie Angeleva, The Love Monday Method empowers you to identify, prepare for, land and thrive in your ideal opportunity. 

The Love Monday Method Career Transformation

A proven methodology grounded in strategy and mindfulness to help you discover, prepare for, land and thrive in work you love, mindfully.


Proven effective by hundreds of professionals and college students, the methodology is unique because it's built on two powerful cornerstones:


To reduce stress and boost focus, clarity and solid decision making, and



To ensure you are taking all the right steps in precisely the right order.


Above the Clouds

For years, I dreaded Monday. Though my career was punctuated with many successes and fulfilling achievements, in most roles a persistent anxiety and lack of right fit gnawed at me.

The result? I wasn't thriving, and the stress of it all bled into the other important parts of my life too, so I wasn't exactly flourishing in them either. Finally, I reached a point where I saw I needed to make a change.


In fact, it was this highly unpleasant Monday angst — coupled with a desire to help others find their fantastic fit, plus my discovery of the amazingness of mindfulness — that led me to create The Love Monday Method, a 7-step system that’s proven so effective for college students and seasoned pros alike.


After years of working in corporate, nonprofits, small business and government, I developed this methodology as I coached career changers and developed and taught career success preparation courses for Indiana University.

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With this solution, together we move through the 7 steps you need to take to land work that brings you joy, meaning and vitality. Work that makes you look forward to Monday and every day! 

The Love Monday Method involves one-to-one coaching sessions over a period of 2 to 3 months. It is tailored to YOUR GOALS AND NEEDS, and it includes readings, worksheets, activities and job search tools. It is highly effective and different from other career transformation approaches in four distinct ways.

WHY IT'S transformative


you get results


Through coaching, teaching, training and writing, I've been so fortunate to help all types of individuals — from university students and recent grads to professionals in their prime — identify and own their next professional opportunity, the type of work that fills them with excitement, inspiration and joy.


you're specific & strategic


Too many job searches and career dreams tank because people don’t know the precise steps to take and in what order. This approach is centered around the clear, proven 7-step system created for my private practice and taught at Indiana University. From developing a mindful mindset to on-the-job thriving and every critical step in between, it's comprehensive, strategic and tailored to YOUR specific needs. 


your mindset is stellar


When people are approaching big changes, the last thing they need is feeling stressed or scattered. The methodology is grounded in mindfulness so you can establish and maintain a positive, focused and creative mindset throughout the career discovery and transformation process. You'll make better decisions, navigate real or perceived obstacles, stay the course and remain motivated to get where you want to be. 

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you're cutting edge


I continually refine The Love Monday Method to ensure you’re getting strategies in personal branding, mindset, networking, resumes, interviewing and job seeking that work NOW, not last year. Activities, exercises and readings are fresh and specific to YOU.

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