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It was a combination of stressful work and life demands that led me to reevaluate absolutely every aspect of my life 10 years ago. 


I was in a stimulating yet high pressure job, and in a few short years I'd experienced the passing of too many loved ones. An enveloping wave of restlessness, anxiety and feelings of blah settled in, and I realized there had to be a better way to approach work and life.

Turns out there was.


Sitting on a pier that extended over the Atlantic Ocean, I discovered a new way of living. I’d recently reintroduced myself to yoga, taking classes on this pier.


The sounds of the gentle ocean waves, the wafts of soft light breezes, and the thoughtful poses gave me concentrated tranquility like I hadn’t experienced in years.


As I sat on the pier after a yoga class, I wished there were a way I could take those feelings of calm, bliss and focus from the mat and into my daily life. Turns out I could.


I threw myself into learning whatever I could about mindfulness, and my stress levels fell dramatically. I felt so much more in control of my reactions, and I began to take things much more in stride. I started to look at my life in a much more balanced way. 


I wanted to help others experience the same in both their work and life because over my meandering career, I’d seen so many people — including myself — who too often were not in a role that showcased their gifts and allowed them to thrive. And I saw what a direct link there was between happiness in life and work.


So I left my high intensity COO role and studied how to incorporate mindfulness into life coaching. I proceeded to get several coaching certifications, focusing on what I’d just gone through — career transformation and mindful living


Ultimately I developed a course for Indiana University called career success preparation, where I infused aspects of mindfulness into the career launching process and developed a methodology called The Love Monday Method, a 7-step system that’s proven so effective for college students and pros in their prime.

I’m so passionate about this because the world is a better place when people love what they do, and research shows most people don’t, nor do they maximize their gifts. That makes for a lot of unhappy people and lackluster products, services, solutions, moments, relationships and communities.


After teaching for five and a half years, I moved myself and my coaching practice to Georgetown, in Washington DC, and recently, Jersey City NJ. As Kramer would say on Seinfeld, “… and I’m loving every minute of it!”


  • Dream-Job Coach & Owner, Reimagine Monday

  • Founder, The Love Monday Method

  • Creator, Career Success Preparation, Indiana University

  • M.A., M.A. | Indiana University

  • Certificate in Executive Leadership | Cornell University

  • Certified Life Coach & Six-Phase Meditation Trainer, Mindvalley

  • Certified Core Coach & Certified Career Transitions Coach | Coach Training Alliance

  • Certified Career Transformation Coach | The Institute for Career Coaching


Learn how YOU can make the transformation you’ve been longing to make so you can experience the dream job you deserve!

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