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You’ve done a lot of impactful work over the years in your career, and you’re ready to conquer something new.

You are in a career you’ve never liked very much, doing work that either lacks meaning or doesn’t allow your true strengths to shine. Or both. Blech.

You'd love to make a change, but you're not sure where to begin. You’re busy, your resume stinks and the whole shebang sounds like a lot more trouble than it's worth.

You like where you work, but you've outgrown your current role. You'd like to figure out how to enrich it or find a more compelling position within the organization.


Busy Working Day
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Now more than ever, people are eager to have work that's meaningful and an excellent fit. Many are considering a dramatic change to a discover the career and lifestyle that match their biggest goals and values.

Some seek greater flexibility. Some would love to reimagine the position they have so they can add more value and experience greater chaolenge and fulfillment.


Others are reevaluating how they spend their time. And still others realize that life is filled with the unexpected, and the time is now to discover the path that will lead them to making the impact they've always wanted to make. 

At the same time, competition is tight and the job search techniques you've tried in the past aren't working.


The challenge is, not everyone is clear on what type of work really is the best fit for their strengths, priorities, values and purpose. And they're unsure how to figure that out. And once they figure it out, they're not sure how to land it

There is a great deal of misinformation and mystery surrounding a job search or career change. There's even more misunderstanding about how to reimagine work you already have.


There are plenty of unknowns, change is tough, and too often the advice and guidance given is well-meaning but conflicting and incomplete. This makes the whole process incredibly stressful and confusing ... and sadly, too often, unsuccessful

WHAT IF, instead ...


In 2014, I set out to create a process that would strip away all the stress and confusion while providing only the steps necessary to empower a successful job search or career transformation.

The result was the system I founded: The Love Monday Method. It provides the exact steps you need to take in the exact order so you can successfully discover, prepare for, land and thrive in work you love ... with a mindful mindset.


You gain control of the entire career transformation process and its outcomes by:

  • Reducing your stress and boosting your focus, clarity and intention; 

  • Digging deep and connecting with your goals, purpose and mission; and

  • Navigating through the mechanics of how to translate this into meaningful work.

a clear path to success.png

What if you had a clear path to the type of work that aligned your strengths, values, goals and higher purpose … if you had a proven plan that would de-stress you and walk you through the steps of: identifying your strengths and mission; developing all your job search tools and thriving the job of your dreams? How good would that feel?

Mindful Career Coach Trie.jpg

Because I've been where you are — a few times! That motivated me to create a proven method that has helped hundreds of individuals identify, prepare for and thrive in work they love.

Why Am I Able To Help?



After 25 years of working in local government, I wanted to change my career path. Trie helped with this transition. She took my experience, skills and background and created a resume that helped across many new career opportunities. I am now working at a software development company!! Thanks, Trie ~ Susie J


I was facing several big forks in the road both personally and professionally, and I really wanted to talk through several options with someone I could trust, who would ask pointed questions, and who didn't have a stake into the game. Trie filled that role spectacularly! ~ Edward S

Trie is an astounding woman who propelled me to follow my passion and cultivate a career I will love. I can't thank you enough or put into words how utterly astounding I think you are!

Ashley C

Trie not only is a knowledgeable and capable mentor; she is kind, insightful and willing to go the extra mile (and another after that) to see their her clients reach their goals. Trie is a great ally to have. ~ David S


You want to get started now because:

The job market is hot but the economy is uncertain and the world is still adjusting to the massive changes brought upon by the global pandemic. You want to be ready and as WELL POSITIONED AS POSSIBLE to pursue the job you really want.


One of the many big lessons of the pandemic is that life is unpredictable and flies faster than we can imagine. At the same time, now more than ever, the world needs individuals working in their golden zone. That means doing work that is an excellent fit for you and that you will thrive in. You DESERVE to have work that brings you joy, meaning and success as you define it, and your moment is now.



Moving People
  • You are trying to figure out what you want to do next professionally. 

  • You’re stressed and overwhelmed by the job search or career change process. 

  • You like the organization you work for but your current role has gotten stale and stifling and you know you have a lot more to give.

  • You like to learn information quickly and put it into action right away.

  • You aren’t sure how to align a career with your gifts, income requirements and dreams.

  • You can’t stand the idea of another year passing you by doing work that doesn’t align with your personal goals, talents and purpose.

  • You’ve had plenty of jobs you’ve enjoyed over the years but are ready to make your mark on the world with a career that fits your purpose, talents, goals and work habits.

  • You’re tired of being in the midst of a really fun weekend only to be hit in the gut with a wallop of dread as a glimpse of your workday Monday flashes through your mind.

If one or more of these scenarios resonates with you, ​learn more about how we can work together to tailor The Love Monday Method to you.

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