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Making the decision to pursue your dream job is bold and life changing! Empower yourself with a mindful mindset.


Work can be stressful, and a job search or career transformation can be nerve-racking to the extreme. Especially now!

Anxious thoughts and self-doubts can tumble around our brain, impacting our focus, confidence and clarity.

This can lead to hasty decisions about what work we pursue. We may even toss out our dream-job dreams because we find ourselves acting with impatience, fear, a lack of optimism and overwhelm.

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>> I know, because that's how I operated for years. <<

Back then, the thought of leaving my unhappy yet familiar comfort zone of a career held ZERO possibility.

Instead, I went to work week after week, year after year filled with tension and the total DREAD OF MONDAY. I had the gnawing feeling I could be doing work that was a much better fit for my personality, talents and goals.


But I was caught in a cycle of putting in excessive hours, feeling stressed and depressed, spending minimal time with friends and family, pressing work deadlines ... repeat.

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That was my experience for what seemed like forever, until one summer, I rediscovered yoga. I'd been a dancer in my younger years and had dabbled in yoga classes here and there, but I came upon a group of students taking a class in the beach town I was visiting.  

The next day, I joined the class, and oh wowwww. The sounds of the gentle ocean waves, the wafts of soft  breezes and the thoughtful poses gave me concentrated tranquility like I hadn’t experienced in years. 


Soon enough, the peace and focus I felt during yoga class started extending into my life off the mat. A quick Google search taught me that what I was experiencing was MINDFULNESS.

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I threw myself into learning whatever I could about mindfulness, and my stress levels fell dramatically. I felt so much more in control of my reactions, and I began to take things much more in stride. I started to explore how I could live my life in a much more balanced way. 

In a brief period of time these calm and centered feelings became the way I approached life, relationships and, in particular, a challenging work environment. It was this new perspective, reduced stress level and creative jolt that led me to leave my role as a COO and begin an entirely new career path in my 40s. 


I became a Career Coach and developed and taught a course for Indiana University called Career Success Preparation. I became extremely passionate about helping people land their dream job -- whether they were 21 and about to graduate from college or they were 60 and eager to make their mark and use their amazing gifts.

And that's why I've developed a simple and effective resource to help others develop the right mindset so they too, if they so desire, can make the bold move of finally landing their dream job.

INTRODUCING (major drumroll action)

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"How To Land
Your Dream Job Mindfully"

A Brand New Digital Success Guide

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In this DIGITAL SUCCESS GUIDE, you will learn:

  • Why a mindful mindset is essential to smart, creative and intentional decisions.

  • How to apply mindfulness to your dream-job process.

  • What mindfulness is and its benefits.

  • 7 simple, mindfulness-boosting exercises, how to do them and why.

Developing a mindful mindset allows you to approach the process of landing your dream job with confidence, creativity and clarity.

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Landing and thriving in work that makes your heart sing is entirely possible, especially when you empower yourself with a mindful mindset. This success guide shows you how.

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When you click PURCHASE NOW you will be directed to to make your safe & secure purchase. You'll gain immediate access to your Success Guide. 

Digital Flipbook: $11

Begin your Reimagine Monday journey today!

How To Land Your Dream Job Mindfully

Transform Your Career With Calm, Joy & Intention

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