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Grab Your FREE 2022 Ultimate Resume Cheat Sheet.

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Your resume has 7 seconds to make the right impression. This guide shares 1) the 7 most common blunders I see when reviewing resumes and 2) precisely how to fix them. 

Land interviews for the jobs you want most.

Long gone are the days of traditional, 12-point, duty-driven, comma-heavy confessionals featuring generic, me-centric statements; painful minutiae about past employers and contact information for three pre-ordained references.

Instead, it's a persuasive marketing tool that explains why YOU are THE perfect person for the job of your dreams. Or at least the job you are applying for at that moment. The resume for the job you apply for half an hour later may look a little different since you can customize your resume easily.


The resume cheat sheet was very helpful to update and improve my resume, which previously felt like an intimidating task! The guide provides many tips to edit in a meaningful way that showcases my skills and highlights what is most important in my job search.

I love the powerful purpose statement section, and this was exactly the inspiration I needed to revamp my existing statement. ~ Taylor P

Start Your Career Transformation Today!

Don't send out another resume until you make these changes.

You’re in charge, and you’re about to shine.


If you want to land interviews for the jobs you want most, grab this invaluable resource now!

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