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How Daily Boosters Help You Reimagine Your Work and Life

You’ve got the ability to transform any or aspects of your personal and professional experience if you choose to do so.

That may sound audacious, and it is. It’s also true.

Recently I touched on this topic by introducing the Wheel of Life. That’s where we examine the eight core areas of our lives to consider how happy we are with them; which ones we want to devote more energy to and prioritize; and what the ideal experience would be in each area. We consider where we are now and what a feasible timeline would be to achieve these new, bigger visions.

The eight areas:

  1. Career.

  2. Health and wellness.

  3. Activities and vacations.

  4. Money and belongings.

  5. Personal growth and spirituality.

  6. Loved ones and your inner circle.

  7. Civic engagement, causes and volunteering,

  8. Friends and socializing.

Thinking deeply about these aspects of our life is a crucial first step. Once we have clarified a vision and established a timeframe, then comes the often-challenging implementation phase.

Now, some of us are excellent at implementing and can’t wait to tackle action steps and check them off our to-do list with tremendous glee and satisfaction. If that’s you, excellent! Go forth and tackle your Wheel of Life and enjoy!!

Others of us need a little push to get started, and sometimes a prompt or two to stay motivated and rolling forward. Now, why would some of us need a nudge to take action on something meaningful? It’s because change can be difficult, even when we want the desired outcome a lot. It’s tough because it takes energy, has no guarantees and requires us to break longtime habits and create new patterns and processes. The status quo, though possibly lackluster, is at least familiar, easy to maintain and a known entity.

How To Get The Nudges We Need