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Your Essential Dream-Job Recipe, Part 2

▶ You make everyone you speak with feel like they’re the most important person in the world.

▶ You stay positive in the face of disappointment.

▶ You thrive on finding creative solutions to the toughest challenges.

▶ You love bringing together people of various talents and perspectives to approach projects collectively.

These are examples of valuable and prized defining qualities. And you no doubt have many of them. Together they comprise Your Magic.

Your Magic is what makes you unique among the 8 billion people on the planet. And Your Magic is what you need to infuse into your job search, career change and all the materials that support both. Without it, your approach will be bland and lackluster and your results ho-hum.

The 3 Ingredients

In Part 1 of this three-part series “Your Essential Dream-Job Recipe,” we discussed the three ingredients vital to successful career transformation work: Your Mindset, Your Magic and Your Mechanics. All components need to be top quality, well balanced and integrated in the proper order.

The first ingredient we explored is Your Mindset. It needs to be mindful so you feel calm and focused, and it needs to be committed to growth and success so you stay eager, open to new possibilities and geared toward achievement.

The biggest challenge with this ingredient is that about 80% of the time it gets completely overlooked. Professionals eager to launch a job search or update their resume tend to delve into those activities hastily. When people plunge in without addressing their mindset, they often do so feeling stressed, scattered and unfocused. Clearly not the best approach.

More Magic, Please!

By contrast, the chief problem facing ingredient number two is that most often, its quantities are too small. That’s right, there’s not enough of Your Magic infused into your career change or job search approach. Without a sufficient amount, your job search materials will be generic, and you'll be unable to distinguish yourself among the competition. You won't be able to showcase exactly how amazing you'd be to your potential new employer and your dream job.