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Your Essential Dream-Job Recipe, Part 1

Cookies and cakes and pies oh my! I’m such a fan of homemade goodies, especially this time of year (and especially when accompanying a fine cup of Italian Roast coffee!).

However, baking has never been a strength of mine. I do make an excellent and eager audience for those who excel in the culinary craft though. And I know enough to respect the fact that for the best results, the ingredients need to be high quality, properly balanced, attended to with care and brought into the mix at the right time.

I liken the process to the steps involved with landing your dream job. They all require the right, high caliber ingredients to be successful, and they all need to be addressed in the optimal order.

Yet so often the must-have ingredients of career-oriented activities get omitted, skimped on or invoked out of order. Apparently, the ingredients in these three aren’t nearly as clearcut or familiar as those in our favorite chocolate chip recipe.

Let’s see what the three key ingredients of these career shapers are and why they’re so necessary to produce the most exquisite results. Then we’ll do a deep dive into ingredient number one.

The 3 Key Ingredients

So what are the three essential ingredients to the steps that lead to your dream job?

1. Your Mindset