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Finding work that’s an excellent fit is one of the most important things we’ll ever do. And that’s because our work experience has such a significant impact on every single aspect of our lives.


Our health, mental and emotional wellness, personal fulfillment, relationships, finances, confidence, enthusiasm, joy, goals, dreams engagement and energy are all either enhanced or diminished based on how well we’re able to use the skills we love in an environment where we are respected, connected and able to thrive.

Yet sadly, too few of us pursue and land a job or establish a career that allows us to achieve such high levels of happiness and enrichment.


Why? Because the advice and guidance we get when we’re first entering the work world typically isn’t effective enough to lead us to our dream job. We end up settling for a safe bet. Or, we’re pointed in whatever vague direction some old-fashioned aptitude test dictates. Or we find work we’re good at but don’t particularly like. Or we may take a job to earn money or gain experience in a certain field, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The challenge becomes that we often remain in this job or field long after we’ve outgrown it. We stay because it is familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s what we know. We’re used to it. We’re in a routine. And changing jobs or careers sounds like one big hot mess of stress and confusion, so we stay put.

White Sand and Stone

However, when we put time and energy into finding work that allows us to:

  • Use the skills we’re great at;

  • Interact with people in an environment where they get us and appreciate us;

  • Contribute our special value to the team and organization;

  • Experience balance and joy in the other important parts of life;

  • Approach our work week with vitality and enthusiasm;

  • Grow, contribute and shine; and

  • Achieve success as we define it;

We’re spending your time in ways that bring us joy; we’re aligned with our values and goals; and we’re making the mark we want and deserve to make.

When this happens, we benefit, our friends and family benefit, our community benefits, and the world becomes that much better.


If YOU are eager to move on from meh and are bubbling with exuberance to FINALLY claim your dream job, you must have the absolute best, most powerful resume to help you land it.


You need a resume that communicates your outstanding value, brand, strengths and story. You need to show why you are the best person for the role.

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The 7 Principles You Need To Know For a Powerful, 2023, Dream-Job Resume

THIS flip book #1 (4).png

RESUME REGLOW is for you if you’re a professional who wants to TAKE CONTROL of your career development and ensure you’re 1000% on point in communicating your unique value in the 2023 job market.


It is a DIGITAL SUCCESS GUIDE featuring the 7 principles you need to know now for a powerful job search document. You'll learn exactly how to fine-tune your resume to showcase how you’re THE candidate the hiring manager needs.​​​

If you’re eager to land interviews for exciting, meaningful work, then your resume QUICKLY needs to convey you are an excellent candidate in a CONCISE & COMPELLING way.

Learning EXACTLY how to REGLOW your own resume is EMPOWERING.


With this digital success guide, you'll be able to craft a compelling resume for every single position you apply for.


This will help you clarify your goals, talents and message, which will support and strengthen your entire job search strategy.


Having this knowledge will also save you time and money as you won't need to rely on a career coach or resume writer to update your resume for you for every single job you pursue.


Hello! I'm Trie, Certified Dream-Job Coach and founder of The Love Monday Method. 


Through my strategic approach, I help professionals and college students discover, land and thrive in their dream job. 


As a former stressed-out, misaligned misfit who dreaded Mondays, I understand the importance of finding work that's an excellent fit. I've been a dancer, textbook editor, graphic designer, teacher, publicist, political strategist, business owner and COO. And many more!


So I know realllly well what it's like to be on a quest to find the type of work and workplace that makes our heart sing and lets us shine. And I know how good it feels to find the opportunity where we can use our favorite skills and talents, contribute meaningfully and love what we do. 

Career Launch Coach

This is why I'm so passionate about guiding and empowering others to experience work filled with joy, meaning and success as they define it. Along with providing one-on-one, dream-job coaching and resume writing and review, I teach resume writing and development for universities.


I’ve HELPED HUNDREDS of college students and professionals craft resumes that:

  • Get them NOTICED

  • Land them INTERVIEWS

  • Lead to their DREAM JOBS.

And now I'm here to help
YOU develop your DREAM-JOB RESUME.

WITH                         YOU'RE GETTING:


The 7 principles you need to know now, for a powerful 2023 resume so you can feel confident about applying for jobs that are an excellent match for you, your strengths, work style and priorities. 


Clear explanations of how to implement each principle and why so you understand how to tailor the information effectively to your particular needs.


The latest in resume development so you're certain your resume is cutting edge. 


A succinct summary of what mistakes to avoid and why and what to do instead.


11 videos, including videos that expand on each principle so you have the insight needed to work through the guide effectively.


Design, colors and imagery to enhance a mindful approach to your resume reglow so you can reduce stress and frustration and boost your focus, creativity and clarity.


Videos and insight to help you de-stress and stay calm, motivated and focused as you work your way through your resume (and your job search!).

Examples of every principle and special resume-related Insider Tips.

Dream-Job Resume (3).png

Maximize ALL of your experience, enhance your mindset and infuse your personal magical wow factor.

3 Pro Tips

Avoid the most common mistakes that will sabotage your resume success.

Top 10 Grammar & Punctuation Quick Fixes

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To make your Resume Reglow extra effective, I’m including these Special Bonuses:

Overlook nothing & mark your progress as you go.

Your Ultimate Dream-Job Resume Checklist

Bonus #1

Dream-Job Resume (5).png

Bonus #2

Dream-Job Resume (5).png

Bonus #3


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Dream-Job Resume (5).png

Bonus Bonus!





A $15 Value
A $21 Value

A $15 Value

A $24 Value
A $75 Value


Dream-Job Resume (3).png
Dream-Job Resume (5).png

4 Bonuses


Dream-Job Resume (5).png



I Feel STUCK In A Blah Job,

I Want To Feel CONFIDENT MY Resume Is 2023-Ready.

I'm Eager To Land Interviews For Jobs I REALLY WANT!

I Want To Show I'm The IDEAL MATCH For My Dream Job!


I Long For Work That Makes MY HEART SING.

I Want A Resume That Passes THE 7-SECOND TEST.

MONDAYS Make Me Feel Down Or Anxious.


Resume Sky.png

Finally Having An Exceptional, Cutting-Edge Resume That Can:

*7 SECONDS is how long, on average, a resume gets looked at by a hiring manager. It goes in one of two piles after that. Candidates need to make a captivating, typo-free, first impression so your resume moves you closer to landing your dream job.

Dream-Job Resume (8).png
  • STAND OUT among the sea of competing resumes.

  • Land you INTERVIEWS for your IDEAL JOBS

  • SHOWCASE your strengths and fit with TOTAL CLARITY.


  • Give you the CONFIDENCE you need to apply for the positions you really want.

  • Be TAILORED EASILY to every position you pursue.

  • Pass the 7-SECOND test.



Owner, Reimagine Monday

Founder, The Love Monday Method

Creator, Career Success Preparation, Indiana University

Certificate in Executive Leadership, Cornell University

Certified Mindful Life Coach

Certified Career Coach, Career Transitions Coach & Career Transformation Coach



Trie's helped hundreds of college students, recent grads, job seekers and career changers craft and refine resumes that led to their dream jobs. She's been able to do that because her work experience and education are broad and deep. 

Specifically, Trie:

  • Has two Master’s degrees including one in Journalism. She has served as a political strategist, freelance writer, strategic communications consultant and Communications Director, so she's got writing and positioning covered.


  • Has a Cornell University certificate in Executive Leadership. She also has served as a COO, a business owner, campaign director, communications director and on several boards of directors. She has expertise in Mindful Leadership, so she's got leadership covered.

  • Has worked in corporate, nonprofits, government and small business. She's done extensive volunteer work and interviewed and hired dozens of individuals throughout her career. This variety of experience gives her a broad and deep understanding of multiple industries, fields and types of organizations cultures, values, structures and roles.

  • ​​Owns a coaching, teaching, writing and training practice called Reimagine Monday in Georgetown, Washington DC.


  • Co-authored an introduction to business textbook used by 30,000 students at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. She is well versed in the fundamentals of business and how to communicate these concepts effectively.


  • Taught 21 classes at Indiana University, including Public Relations for Nonprofits, Citizenship and Careers, and the course she developed, Career Success Preparation, where she taught her 7-step career launch system, The Love Monday Method.

  • Delivered training on resume writing, personal branding and portfolio development at colleges and universities.





The job market is strong yet ever-changing so you want to be ready and as well positioned as possible to pursue the positions you really want.

Life flies by. We always think we'll have time to do something new or different soon, but we never know what life will bring. Plus, even if we're not particularly happy, it's often easer to stay in our familiar circumstances than to make a bold change.

The world will benefit from your strengths, contributions, ideas and hard work. You deserve to have work that brings you joy, meaning and success as you define it, and your moment is now.


Dream-Job Resume (5).png
THIS flip book #1 (4).png

A 50+ page DIGITAL SUCCESS GUIDE & 4 BONUSES VALUED AT $150 featuring the 7 principles you need to know NOW for a POWERFUL, 2023 DREAM-JOB RESUME!​​​



  • The insight you need to feel confident about applying for jobs that are an excellent match. 

  • Clear explanations of how to implement each principle and why.

  • The latest in resume development. 

  • Mistakes to avoid and why and what to do instead.

  • 11 videos, including expansion of each principle.

  • Design, colors and imagery to enhance a mindful approach to your resume reglow.

  • Videos and insight to help you de-stress and stay calm, motivated and focused.

  • Examples & special resume-related Insider Tips.

1) 3 Pro Tips   

2) Your Ultimate Dream-Job Resume Checklist

3) Top 10 Grammar & Punctuation Quick Fixes

4) 3 Resume How-To Samples & 3 Resume Templates


Dream-Job Resume (3).png
Dream-Job Resume (5).png

4 Bonuses

A $150 VALUE


Dream-Job Resume (5).png


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