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is your

NEW college grad


in their dream job?


if not, you are in the right place!

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Is Your Student Feeling ANXIOUS Due To A Lack Of Job Prospects?

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Are They Struggling To Land Dream-Job


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Are They Landing Interviews But NO JOB OFFERS?

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Wondering How YOU CAN  BEST HELP?

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sure, your student has experienced an excellent education & should be excited for what's next!


  • If they’re not landing interviews, it's likely that: A) They need clarity on their dream job B) Their personal brand needs work or C) Their resume needs some tweaking.

  • If they’re landing interviews but not offers, their interviewing skills need some work.

  • If they’re landing offers for less-than-ideal positions, their job search approach needs some polishing.

these challenges are all fixable!


i know because i’ve helped hundreds of university students:


  • Gain TOTAL CLARITY on what they want and what's a GREAT MATCH for them.

  • Boost their CONFIDENCE so they can approach their new career with genuine COURAGE AND POISE.

  • Polish their job search STRATEGY so they LAND THE JOB of their dreams.

  • Hone their personal brand so they can COMMUNICATE their UNIQUE BLEND of strengths, personality and valued qualities successfully.

  • OVERCOME issues of SUBOPTIMAL body language, low energy and poor posture.

  • Use SOCIAL MEDIA to their advantage vs it being a detriment.

  • Learn how to NETWORK effectively and communicate with individuals of different ages, cultures and backgrounds.

  • Refine their RESUMES so they stand out, get noticed and land the right-fit interviews.

  • Prep for the toughest job INTERVIEWS.

  • Make a strong FIRST IMPRESSION on the job and make their first 90 days a big SUCCESS. 

hello! i'm dream job career coach trie angeleva

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M.A., M.A.

Owner, Planet Reimagine

Founder, The Love Monday Method

Creator, Career Success Preparation, Indiana University

Author, Resume Reglow

Certificate in Executive Leadership, Cornell University

Certified: Life Coach, Career Coach, Career Transitions Coach, Career Transformation Coach & 6-Phase Meditation Coach

Hi, I'm Trie, and helping college students prepare for and thrive in the career of their dreams is so rewarding!


A former COO and CIO, I'm author of "Resume Reglow: The 7 Principles You Need to Know For a Powerful Dream Job Resume" and co-author of "The Roadmap," a business text used by 30,000+ undergraduate business students at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.


I developed Career Success Preparation — a senior-level course — for The Media School at Indiana University. It remains the only career development course of its kind. Students said it was the best course they ever had, and that it should be mandatory. 


Now, I run my private coaching & development practice Planet Reimagine in Jersey City NJ.

in my experience, here are several truths i've learned 

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our son — an iu business school student — was getting second interviews but having difficulty landing the offer. i searched the internet and found trie, spoke with her, and put my son in touch with her.


after meeting with her and working not only on interviewing skills but also social media presence, he had another second interview that resulted in a great offer at a great company. he’s now happily and gainfully employed. best money we ever spent! ~ leo d

your student's success solution

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quest precision coaching for career success


QUEST Precision Coaching Sessions are 60-minute virtual sessions that focus completely on the specific area where your student feels stuck, stalled, confused, overwhelmed or fearful in their job search.

This type of coaching is excellent if your student:


  • Knows the type of position they want and needs support in the mechanics of landing their ideal job.


  • Needs clarity on the type of opportunity they want and that will be a strong match for their skills, work style, geographic interests and goals.

For example, sessions may focus on how to:

  • Nail the fine art of job interviews so they can tell their story in a concise and compelling way and articulate how valuable they will be in the position they are interviewing for.

  • Make a stellar first impression in terms of body language, presence, posture, energy and more.

  • Pursue jobs that are an excellent fit.

  • Review and strengthen their resume so it is ready to land them interviews for their ideal jobs. 

  • Maximize the power of social media to their advantage.

  • Network authentically and in a way that broadens their professional network so their contacts help them succeed.


  • Refine and communicate their personal brand to ensure they are being authentic and standing out.

  • Strengthen hard or soft skills to increase opportunities.

  • Reduce stress, anxiety or nervousness about any aspect of the job search process, and boost focus, enthusiasm and creativity.

  • Prepare to transition from college life to the professional world and navigate the first 90 days on the job so they start their new career in the right way.

quest precision coaching options

The number of sessions needed depends on your student’s specific goals and challenges; 1, 3 or 6 one-to-one tailored coaching sessions are available.

purchase safely & securely

precision coaching options

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1 One-Hour SESSION


 PACKAGE #1: $350

3 One-Hour SESSIONS & EMAIL SUPPORT, a $1200 value for $950

PACKAGE #2: $950

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6  One-Hour  SESSIONS & EMAIL SUPPORT, a $2100 value for $1800

PACKAGE #3: $1800

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and the reviews are in!

trie is an astounding woman who propelled me to follow my passion and cultivate a career i will love. i can't thank her enough! ~ ashley c

i feel like i have much more control over my future career path and an understanding of how i want to live my life! ~ amber c

you really helped me sort out who i am, who i want to be and what I want my future to look like. ~ mackenzie a

my entire approach to my professional life has definitely evolved through this experience. ~ mary m 

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thank you for helping me not only to realize who i am as a person but also to realize my dreams and finding ways for me to get to the stars one day. ~ annamarie m

without your guidance in honing my personal brand and developing my resume, online portfolio and interviewing skills, i would probably still be looking for a job. ~ olivia h

i was extremely lost on what to do after school. i have gained so much confidence in myself and also have learned to approach everything much more strategically and in an informed way. ~ katie z

i would honestly have to say that i owe my first job and entire next chapter of my life to this experience. ~ michael u

among so many other things, i have learned how to make the transition from student to professional. ~ abbey p

thinking about the real world is scary, and i feel much better prepared for all aspects after working with you! ~ priscilla l 

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