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An Exciting, Meaningful Career That's



You’re experiencing one of the most thrilling times of your life, and you’re about to launch an even bolder, brand new phase!

You'll be out on your own, starting to build the life you've always imagined.


If you don’t have a position lined up right out of the gate, you’re fine.


And you’re not alone!

In fact, you may never have such a completely wide open opportunity to find the job and craft the lifestyle you most desire.


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Maybe you’re clear on what you want, but not you’re not landing first or second interviews. These scenarios require relatively quick fixes that focus on improving your Resume or sharpening your interviewing skills through Laser Career Coaching sessions. 

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However, maybe you haven't quite zeroed in on your true calling. You’re not sure what type of position you want, which skills you want to use, or the size and location of the organization. The Love Monday Career Transformation will get you there!

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Or, maybe you have figured these things out, but you don't feel truly prepared enough to land it. The fix for these scenarios is Laser Career Coaching to fine-tune exactly what's needed to maximize your readiness.

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If you haven’t landed the job you want yet, I can help.


And you really want to make it happen soon so you don’t have to move into your parents' basement for too long!


The choices you make today can result in a lifetime of success, joy and fulfillment.


Because I developed and taught Career Success Preparation for Indiana University and have helped hundreds of college students identify, prepare for and land work they love.

Why Am I Able To Help?


I would honestly have to say that I owe my first job and entire next chapter of my life to this experience. ~ Michael U


My resume was practically a blank sheet of paper with my name on it; what I learned here will stick with me for years to come. ~ Sarah K

Thank you for helping me not only to realize who I am as a person but also to realize my dreams and finding ways for me to get to the stars one day. ~ Annamarie M

Career Prep Students

Without being able to hone in on my personal brand and develop my resume, online portfolio and interviewing skills, I would probably still be looking for a job. ~ Olivia H

Trie's support, coaching and killer resume led me to land the job of my dreams! ~ Tyler C

This has been more beneficial to my long-term success than any class I've taken at IU. ~ Kate H


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You want to get started now for a few reasons:

The job market is currently hot so you should be as WELL POSITIONED AS POSSIBLE to pursue the job you really want.


If you will be graduating soon or have done so recently, you have A LIMITED WINDOW to be the brand new talent on the job market. You want to seize this opportunity now before the NEXT group of 4 MILLION COLLEGE GRADUATES are on your heels. 



You’ve INVESTED tens of thousands of dollars in your future. The WORLD WILL BENEFIT from your strengths, contributions, ideas and hard work. You DESERVE to have work that brings you joy, meaning and success as you define it, and your moment is now.



Walking on Campus

Laser Coaching


Laser Coaching Sessions are 75-minute, virtual, one-to-one sessions that focus completely on the specific area where you feel stuck your job search.

This type of coaching is excellent if you know the type of position you want and need support in the mechanics of landing your ideal job.

Sessions also can be used to help you gain more clarity on the type of position you feel will be a strong match for your skills, work style, geographic interests and goals.

Sample areas of session focus include how to:

  • Nail the fine art of job interviews so you can tell your story in a concise and compelling way and articulate how valuable you will be in the position you are interviewing for.

  • Make a stellar first impression in terms of body language, presence, posture, energy and more.

  • Pursue jobs that are an excellent fit.

  • Maximize the power of social media to your advantage.

  • Network authentically and in a way that broadens your professional network so your contacts help you succeed.


  • Refine and communicate your personal brand to ensure you are being authentic and standing out.

  • Strengthen hard or soft skills to increase opportunities.

  • Reduce stress, anxiety or nervousness about any aspect of the job search process, and boost focus, enthusiasm and creativity.

  • Prepare to transition from college life to the professional world and navigate the first 90 days on the job so you start your new career in the right way.

Resume Review


Frankly, there are more bad than good resumes out there, by far! There’s also a lot of outmoded and generic resume development information given by some would-be experts and a surprising number of student career services.

Resume Review will ensure your resume:

  • Passes the 7-second test! Seven seconds is how long, on average, a resume gets looked at by hiring managers before it gets put into the "moves forward" or "stops right here" pile.

  • Captures your experience and brand clearly.

  • Highlights your relevant strengths and unique magic.

  • Stands out among the sea of applicants.

  • Shows the tight match between your particular experience and skill sets and the position you’re applying for.

  • Is free of typos and void of mistakes in grammar, punctuation, consistency, spacing and formatting.

  • ​A checklist to help you refine your resume before submitting it for review.

  • A form to complete addressing the goals of the resume, personal brand and the targeted position you want your resume customized for.

  • Clarification on any necessary points via email or video chat.

  • Written feedback and suggestions about every section of the resume, plus branding and formatting.

  • Comfort in knowing your resume will be ready to serve as a powerful job search tool so you  can apply to your dream position with confidence.

What's included:

Laser Coaching Options

Resume Review Options

The number of sessions needed depends on your specific goals and challenges.


Coaching sessions are 75 minutes each and are based on the most common client experiences — 1, 3 or 6 sessions — please feel free to reach out for alternate options or with any questions.

One or Three Rounds of Resume Review are available.

Both include written feedback as described above plus The Ultimate Dream-Job Resume Checklist, so nothing gets overlooked and you can mark your progress as you refine your resume before submitting it for review.


Laser Coaching Packages

Stack of Books
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 PACKAGE #1: $197

1 75-minute, virtual LASER COACHING SESSION.

PACKAGE #2: $497

3 virtual LASER COACHING SESSIONS, a $591 value for $497.

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PACKAGE #3: $947

6 virtual LASER COACHING SESSIONS, a $1182 value for $947.

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Job Interview

 PACKAGE #1: $97

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PACKAGE #2: $197

RM Logo 2023.png

Resume Review Packages

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