If you need help landing the type of job you know you want, check out:

If you want to launch or change careers and need clarity on discovering and landing work that will align with your goals, values, work style, passions and strengths, take a look at: 


This type of coaching is right for you if you know the type of position you want and need some support landing your ideal job. In sessions, we focus on your specific job-search challenge(s), such as how to:

  • Pursue jobs that are an excellent fit for you.

  • Nail job interviews and follow up effectively. 

  • Make a stellar first impression in terms of body language, presence, appearance, posture, energy and more.

  • Network authentically and in a way that broadens your professional network so your contacts help you succeed in your career.

  • Refine and communicate your personal brand to ensure you stand out.

  • Strengthen your hard or soft skills to increase your opportunities.

  • Reduce your stress, anxiety or nervousness about any aspect of the job search process and boost your focus, enthusiasm and creativity.

  • Navigate your first 90 days on the job so you start your new job or career in the right way.

The number of sessions you need depends on your specific goals and challenges; and you determine the pacing. Included in multiple session packages is Email Support, both in between sessions and for a duration afterward.


This way, you can continue making progress in a fluid way, checking in on exercises or activities we may work on; life happenings; mindful life implementation. It also serves as a crucial aspect of motivation and accountability.


Coaching options are based on the most common client experiences — 3 or 6 sessions — more sessions can be added as we progress, and please feel free to reach out with any questions.


The Love Monday Method is a proven methodology to help you discover, prepare for, land and thrive in work you love, mindfully. You can read more about how it differs from other approaches; why it's so effective and its benefits here: 

With this solution, together we move through the 7 steps you need to take to land work that brings you joy, meaning and vitality. Work that makes you look forward to Monday and every day!


You’ll receive articles, activities, exercises and journal prompts to maximize your transformative process. You determine the pacing and timeline, which typically is a 2- to 3-month period.

The time and attention you give each step will be determined by you and your needs. Below's an example of the experience ...

Let's take a moment to relax, marvel at the sunrise over the ocean and breathe ... :) then we'll rumble!


Session 1:
We will review the results of the self-assessment you'll receive, and we'll map out a specific schedule for working our way through your Love Monday Transformation. 


Session 2:

We launch Step 1, which is all about developing a mindful mindset. This kickoff phase sets the tone and foundation for your entire career transformation.


Session 3:

We begin exploring Step 2, which centers on your why, your life vision, your personal mission, values and biggest goals.

Session 4:

We continue with Step 2, looking at your strengths, the work that excite you and any real or actual barriers to your success.

Session 5:

We engage in Step 3, which is all about exploring all the ways what you’ve just discovered about yourself can translate into meaningful, energizing work. You’ll develop your job search plan and consider your personal budget, readiness, non-negotiables and work style.



Coffee break.

Session 6:

We begin Step 4, which is a lot of serious and creative fun! Here we explore and refine your personal brand, discuss its role in your career and determine how best to position yourself for the jobs you want most.


Session 7:

We continue with Step 4 by discovering how to communicate your personal brand in a consistent and compelling way across your suite of job search tools and your online presence.


Session 8:

We initiate Step 5, which centers on the activation of your job search plan. Here we focus on preparing you thoroughly for job interviews, networking, delivering your elevator pitches, body language and more.

Session 9:

In Step 6, you are focused on landing the dream job you’ve been working so hard toward! You’ll apply for positions, go on interviews, engage in effective follow up, evaluate offers, learn about negotiation and how to thank your network of supporters.


Session 10:

Yes, Step 7! You’ve landed the job you really want, so in this final step together, you want to be sure you know how to do great and meaningful work and get noticed for it. We’ll look at how to balance this new position with the other important aspects of your life; how to introduce yourself to new coworkers to make a genuine, on-brand first impression; how to navigate office politics with finesse and authenticity, and much more.

Do not hesitate to reach out for any questions at all. The Love Monday Career Transformation process is an undertaking that's designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be professionally, whether that's launching your first-ever career or career number 7. It's obviously not something either one of us would take lightly, as it needs our top quality time, attention and effort. It's well worth the journey.

Your final Career Coaching Opportunity is what I call Love Monday Sounding Board Sessions ... 


Think of these as your Love Monday booster minus any discomfort! These are one-off sessions designed to provide you any shoring up, refreshing or deeper diving. Or, perhaps you would like to run some ideas by me related to your career or options you're considering, or you'd like more practice interviewing, etc.