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Finding work that’s an excellent fit is one of the most important endeavors you will ever undertake.


Your work experience has a significant impact on your health, stress levels, personal relationships, finances, confidence, enthusiasm, joy, engagement and energy.


Sadly, too few people look forward to the start of their workweek. Some even suffer from the Sunday blues — I sure did!! 


But when you are in work that’s a great fit, you’re spending your time in ways that bring you joy; you’re aligned with your values and goals; and you’re making the mark you want to make.


You benefit, your friends and family benefit, your community benefits, and the even world becomes that much better.

You're likely in one of two places:



You need help landing the job you know you want.

You want to launch or change careers and need clarity on the type of work that will align with your goals, values, work style, passions, strengths and that will complement the other important aspects of your life.



Job Interview Confidence.png

You're clear on the type of work you want, and need support landing it. 

Job-Landing Laser Coaching

Sharpen the aspect of the job search you need help with, such as interviewing, networking and branding.

Job-Landing Laser Coaching can help you:


  • Pursue the right jobs.

  • Nail the job interview. 

  • Make a stellar first impression.

  • Network effectively.

  • Hone your personal brand.

  • Be confidently prepared to navigate your first 90 days on the job.

With Laser Coaching we focus exactly on what your particular challenge is so you can land the job and launch the career that's an excellent fit for you.

Three or six sessions may be all you need. Review the coaching options.


Launch or Change Careers.png

You need a proven process to launch or change your career successfully.

  • If you are about to graduate from college and want to launch the career you really want.

  • If you're a seasoned pro eager to launch in a new direction.


Then a proven method grounded in strategy and mindfulness that guides you through each necessary step is exactly what you need.

Enter The Love Monday Method!

With mindfulness as the cornerstone to reduce stress and boost focus, clarity and solid decision making, The Love Monday Method empowers you to identify, prepare for, land and thrive in your ideal career.

Love Monday Career Transformation

A proven methodology grounded in strategy and mindfulness to help you discover, prepare for, land and thrive in work you love, mindfully.

It was my own Monday angst that led me to create The Love Monday Method, a 7-step system that’s proven so effective for college students and seasoned pros alike.


I developed this methodology as I coached career changers and developed and taught  career success preparation courses for Indiana University.


The Love Monday Method serves as the foundation of my coaching, teaching, training, writing, success guides and social media posts. 

Learn how it can help you launch or change your career, how it's different and why it is so effective:


Your particular needs determine how much time we invest on each step. For example, you may already have a solid, calm and focused mindset, so we can move swiftly to Step 2, which is discovering your mission, values, goals, work style, passions and strengths. 

Or, you may be clear on all of those key elements, but need support developing an effective job search plan or clarifying your personal brand.

The Love Monday Method Coaching package features 9 sessions, which can be added to as needed as we progress through the 7-Step process.


Working with a coach helps you:

  • Achieve your goals faster.

  • Prioritize your ideas, options and actions.

  • Discover and work through any real or perceived blocks.

  • Map out a plan that is in alignment with your personal mission, vision, values and goals. 

  • Identify clear steps so you know exactly how to make the changes you’re after. 

  • Stay focused, on track, motivated and accountable.


(in all modesty, of course)

  • You’re guided by someone who has helped hundreds of individuals find work they love. I’ve coached everyone — from former professional athletes and business owners to college students and career changers in their prime — as I tailor my method to be effective for your career stage, goals and lines of work. 

  • You navigate through the right steps in the right order.

  • You’re supported by someone who will listen deeply and provide you with motivation, accountability, honest feedback, insightful questions and encouragement.

  • You’re working with a specialist who has developed and taught career preparation courses for a major university and who has five coaching certifications.

In the wild times we’ve been experiencing the past few years, more and more of us are noticing that this thing called life is unpredictable, shorter than it should be and ever changing.

People want and deserve more from their professional experience, and they want to be happy and fulfilled in their career ... and their lives.

It's time to Reimagine how we work. Let's get started today!



  • You approach the process holistically to ensure your professional goals align and fit well with the others important aspects of your life.

  • You can work with me to develop cutting edge resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles bolstered by my experience as a writer and marketing strategist.

  • You benefit from my years of interviewing, hiring and managing staff, from interns through senior-level executives.

  • You gain a wide perspective from my experience managing people and teams, from myself as an entrepreneur to nonprofit boards and 750-person organizations as a CIO in fields ranging from government, nonprofits and corporate to marketing, small businesses, the arts and social media.

  • You get to where you want to be fast and strategically because I use all the valuable experience I've had in navigating jobs and careers that were an excellent fit, a horrible fit and everything in between.

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