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Perhaps you enjoy the work you do, but …


  • You're always busy but find yourself scattered and not focused on creating the meaningful life you want to lead.

  • You've become a bit all work and no play. 

  • You’re noticing your comfortable routine has morphed into a stale rut.

  • You want to make some big or small changes in your life, which you’ve you’ve tried to do before, but this time you want to make them stick.

  • You have some opportunities on the horizon and would like an unbiased sounding board to support you and ask you questions that lead to your powerful insights.

  • You want to be sure more time doesn’t slip by without making the personal impact on the world you want to make.

  • You are eager to reimagine one or more crucial aspects of your life and could use some encouragement, accountability and a trusted coach who will help you identify your biggest dreams, craft them into goals and achieve them.


We are wired in a way that makes change naturally challenging, and even when we are able to make it, often the change doesn’t stick, and we fail to create meaningful transformation that lasts. 


This is where engaging in a co-creative coaching relationship can be so transformative.


Coaching is an effective way to facilitate collaborative and self-directed success strategies and change from within because together we get clear on what’s behind the change you want to make: your why. 

MAKE CALM, CREATIVE, INTENTIONAL DECISIONS & CHANGES THAT STICK (and no, you don't have to sit like this to do so!)
mindful career coaching

Without that strong vision, the change you want to make can seem vague and not worth the effort. This clarity also helps ensure you’re making the right change for the right reasons and that it complements and enhances your entire life experience. To facilitate client transformation in the coaching process, I infuse aspects of mindfulness.


Mindfulness has been the powerful approach I’ve incorporated into my own life to help me envision what I want most from life with care, creativity and focus. It’s helped me make solid decisions because it lowers my stress and I’m able to think with great clarity and calm. It’s helped me stay committed to achieving longer-term goals rather than enjoying fleeting pleasures that pull me from what I really want.

Navigating the many opportunities life presents us can be a challenge if we are approaching it alone. Or if we've tried, but we’ve abandoned our goals before they were fully realized. Or if we really don't know where to begin. This is especially true if we feel overwhelmed, too busy or stressed, or far more comfortable with the familiar than the unknown.

If you would love to create the life you've long longed for, Reimagine Monday Mindful Life Coaching may be exactly what you are seeking.

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