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Consider this your go-to home for what you need to know about career change, job search, job search tools, mindfulness, living a mindful life AND the latest, most effective information on how to implement very specific tactics and actions within these arenas.

I add to this resource frequently, and it features my original writings and research as well valuable information I review and summarize (and link to) from other coaches, teachers, researchers and thought leaders. Let the search bar help you locate the solution you need.

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Mindful Career

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Mindfulness helps you reduce stress and increase your focus and ability to make great decisions (and much more). Download this FREE resource now to learn three specific mindfulness tools you can use right away.


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Your resume is a powerful branding tool designed to land you an interview for the position you want most. It needs to showcase how and why you are the right candidate for the job. Download this FREE resource now to learn the 7 biggest mistakes to avoid — and what to do instead.

Career Change & Career Launch

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The best way to launch or change careers is to do it strategically, by taking the right steps in the right order. Begin by establishing the right mindset, then you'll be ready to discover exactly what strengths you want to use, how you want to spend your time, what your purpose is and how this translates into meaningful work. Download this FREE resource to learn the 7 steps to take to maximize the success of your career change or launch.

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There's an all-too common mistakes make people make when planning a job change: they fail to map out what their ideal workday would look like first. Without doing that, you'll have incomplete information when it comes to making decisions about what job will be an excellent match for you. Here are some considerations to get you started. And before you quit your job, read this.

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Writing a compelling cover letter and building rapport and performing well in a job interview depend on effective storytelling. Learn how to do it and why storytelling is so important to your job search or career change.